Internal Instructions for NSIA

Neutrosophic Science International Association (NSIA)
The NSIA was established in 1995, with its headquarters at the University of New Mexico, Unites States.  In its activities the Association, an academic scientific non‐governmental organization. The Association does adhere to the paradoxist school of thought and theory.The association primary aim is to promote science [especially neutrosophic theories and their applications]. There are no economic interests to the association. NSIA for the betterment of science, identifies and supports eminent neutrosophic’s researchers.

The NSIA Activities and Cooperation’s

  • NSIA has been set up to offer support and encouragement in the quest for spreading the neutrosophic set, logic and related topics. It is hoped that it catalyzes neutrosophy research which is the base of neutrosophic logic, neutrosophic set, neutrosophic probability, and neutrosophic statistics and so on, that are used in engineering applications (especially for software and information fusion), medicine, military, airspace, cybernetics, physics etc.
  • Particular emphasis will be given to supporting consistent and innovative ideas in neutrosophic researches. One aim of our Association is to support and encourage original research which is not necessarily restricted to ideas, subjects or neutrosophic methods currently receiving emphasis.
  • Because of the neutrosophic logic is a new generation of fuzzy logic and intuitionistic fuzzy logic, so it is not always possible to recognize the value of new directions without connecting them to what has been achieved already in the sciences. The support and encouragement of such innovative ideas, which are not at the center of the present development of existing paradigms, is a rather delicate matter to contemplate, and carries with it serious responsibilities which may be dealt with only through experience and judgment.
  • The Association shall seek cooperation with other associations and organizations sharing the same objectives and being active in the field of Neutrosophic Theories and Applications.

Working Languages
The By-Laws, the Internal Regulations and other rules, the minutes of the Association’s official meetings as well as the Newsletter and the website shall be   in the following manner

  • English, Arabic languages for any Arabian branch ( Ex. Iraqian’s branch, which is the first established branch ).
  • English, Italian languages for Italian’s
  • English, French languages for French’s branch.
  • English, Indian languages for Indian’s branch.

and so on
NSIA Board (Composition & Membership)
The Association shall be composed of:

  • The Basic Council.
  • Eminent Members.
  • Honorary Members.
  • National Groups / National Branches

The Basic Council
Prof. Dr. Florentin Smarandache, Founding Father (Polymath Scientists)
President: Prof. Dr. Florentin Smarandache
Vice President: Dr. Huda E. Khalid
Legal Advisor to the Board: Eng. Ahmed K. Essa
Eminent Members
Members whose scientist, eminent researchers, did eminent works to service Neutrosophic logic by adopting of NSIA           [their scientific works were supported and adopted by NSIA], As an example:
a-      Publishing at least one book in the field of Neutrosophic theory [with NSIA adopting].
b-      Translating at least one of the basic Neutrosophic books from English to any other language [with NSIA adopting].
c-      Attract other scientific researchers to work in Neutrosophic theory.
d-      Holding Symposiums (Seminars), and Conferences under the auspices of NSIA [fully auspices, partially auspices].
e-      NSIA will give a certification to the eminent member        [that proves his membership with putting his/her name on the website of NSIA as an eminent member].
f-       Enter his/her name and affiliation in the International Encyclopedia for Neutrosophic [as eminent members].

Honorary Members
1-      Publishing at least one paper in a solid journal (i.e. having an impact factor and good reputation like NSS journal, CR journal and any other international solid journal) this paper must be in the field of Neutrosophic theory or Neutrosophic applications.
2-      Submit a request to being a membership (this request in the special template already approved by NSIA).
see the URL        personal request for honorary membership (1)
3-      After Basic Council acceptance, an honorary membership certificate would be sent by email.

National Groups / National Branches
In order to develop our network, the Association may endorse the creation of national groups within the framework and in the spirit of the by‐laws of the Association. There cannot be more than one national group endorsed by the Association in each country.
Members of a national group can be, in particular, academics, scientists working in Neutrosophic theory and, in general, representatives of the various sciences interested in the activity and aims of NSIA. No association or group at the national level may use the name of the NSIA or claim to be part of its network if it has not been endorsed by the NSIA.

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